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Who we are
The Three Voices of Healing Society’s Wellness Center is operated by a non-profit, non-political service organization dedicated to the treatment of First Nations people suffering from addictions. We serve First Nations from all regions in BC, AB, and Yukon. The Society is a registered charitable organization through the Federal Government of Canada. The Wellness Center is situated on 22 acres owned by the Three Voices of Healing Society. We provide 12-beds in a non-medical Accredited Residential Adult Treatment Facility. The Centre runs alternating six-week programs for men and women. The Program is a unique model created from a blend of First Nations cultural, abstinence and evidence-based therapies. We provide the fundamental components of substance abuse treatment that includes individual and group counselling, education on alcohol, drug, addictions, and social skills. We offer a cultural and healing component that respects the First Nations diversity in BC, AB and Yukon.
New Programming - Voices of Integration, The Wellness Continuum

For the past 6 years we have been working to find a solution that would help our clientele become self-sufficient to no longer be dependent on subsidies/handouts. This study consisted of questioning past clients, Employment Service providers, Educational Facilities, and other Treatment Facilities. The findings to this Study were implementing an AfterCare Service (Voices of Integration, The Wellness Continuum).We believed this aftercare program addresses a demonstrated need for a supportive environment in which to recover over a longer period of time and in which to develop new skills and capabilities so that they can transition in to Society as healthy, contributing individuals.This program will be to support clients as they pursue their recovery and enhance their capacity.We anticipate this project will reduce the rate of recidivism in application for treatment and promote and strengthen First Nations people to live holistic lives.

Brandon - Calgary - Charlottetown - Edmonton - Frederictown - Halifax - Iqaluit - Mississauga - Montréal - OTTAWA - Québec - Regina - Saskatoon - St John - Toronto - Vancouver - Victoria - Yellowknife - Winnipeg - Whitehorse

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