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A charity for the advancement of youths and excellence in education.

A charity with a difference, serving the youths of Canada, our charity provides a one of a kind learning environment and experience for your teenaged daughter and son. All donations to the school/academy programs go toward providing the very best education for our young leaders and invest in the future of young Canadians. Maintain and enhance our charitable organization as an institution of excellences beneficial only to your son and daughter educational success and future endeavors. We appreciate your generous donation and continued support.
Canada's Military coed school with a focus on excellence and youth development.

RCMA is a national charitable organization with a military style approach to learning and youth development, designed to support well-round and productive young citizens.  We agree that a military school environment can be somewhat intimidating for your young ones; we insist that Canada’s only military school for boys and girls is an educational institution which prepares students for success, military school is not only for troubles students. A military school places emphasis on teaching the importance of self-discipline, community service, help students develop good work ethics, athletic and allow students to acquire the academic and leadership skills needed to succeed and become strong and accomplished citizens for the future. Military schools develop a student to become confident leaders and ethically responsible citizen through experiences.  Help us make that difference at RCMA.

Brandon - Calgary - Charlottetown - Edmonton - Frederictown - Halifax - Iqaluit - Mississauga - Montréal - OTTAWA - Québec - Regina - Saskatoon - St John - Toronto - Vancouver - Victoria - Yellowknife - Winnipeg - Whitehorse

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