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Level 324, Overall Meter : 3Star(s)

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Constitution Of The Indicator

Source of Information: T3010 (CRA 2015)
Reliability Information:


Range60 - 5049 - 4039 - 3029 - 2019 - 109 - 0NC
In %34.4%37.7%19.4%7.8%0.7%0.0%2.2%
Information Provided:


Range50 - 4140 - 3332 - 2524 - 1615 - 87 - 0NC
In %0.4%23.8%24.9%25.1%17.6%8.3%2.2%

Brandon - Calgary - Charlottetown - Edmonton - Frederictown - Halifax - Iqaluit - Mississauga - Montréal - OTTAWA - Québec - Regina - Saskatoon - St John - Toronto - Vancouver - Victoria - Yellowknife - Winnipeg - Whitehorse

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Typesetting Of The Indicator:

3 cases:
  • NA,

NA: Synonym of Not Applicable, we have not enough data to construct the indicator or the organization is too young (< 1an).

PETITE: Used when the financial level of the organization is not accurate or under a level like: $30 000. Under this condition the calculation of the stars includes only the indicators ind7 and ind8; the evaluation is then on the age of the organization and on how precise the form T3010 is filled whith basic infomations as telephone, contact, email, website and activities.

  • ind7: Reliability,,
  • ind8: Availaibility of Basic Data.

NORMALE: We have adequate informations to etablish the indicator. The calculation of the stars is entirely made from ind1 to ind8.

  • ind1: Revenue / Expenditures,
  • ind2: Investement level / Revenue,
  • ind3: Organization Management / Revenue,
  • ind4: Wage bill / Revenue,
  • ind5: Fundrainsing and Publicity / Revenue other than from the government,
  • ind6: Level of median salary,
  • ind7: Reliability,
  • ind8: Availaibility of Basic Data.

if the Charity is connected to a parent Charity: indicator ind1 to ind6= ( indicator calculated + indicator parent ) / 2 Range : The indicator that can go up and down, from a mini to a maxi, is represented by the stars from 0 to 5 . Example: the sum of all indicators gives you the overall indicator. When this indicator is between 339 and 260 it enters in the 3 Stars Category.

Population : The population row, represents the percentage of the specified charities category entering in the range printed above it. For example if for 3 Stars the population is 50%, so 50% of the specific charities category are inside the same interval.

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Reliability Intomations:

Extraction of the form T3010,
inaccuracy in the form and age of the organization,
In two parts:
  • Mistakes or defaults listed in the form,
  • Max for a 10 year old organization,

NC:Not Computed, the organization is too young (NA): < 1 year.
(ref: Constitution Of The Indicator)

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General informations:

Extraction of the form T3010, has provided basic data like:
  • Info activity,
  • Contact name,
  • Telephone,
  • E-Mail,
  • Existence Of A WebSite,

NC: Not Computed, if the organization is too young (NA): < 1 year.
(ref: Constitution Of The Indicator)