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You Want to Donate to a Canadian Charity or Foundation, Support and Rating Tools

You Want to Donate to a Canadian Charity or Foundation,
Support and Rating Tools

Public Information, statistics and comparative evaluations about registered Charities and Foundations in Canada.

Public opinion - rating - is calculated based on your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion. Choose the charity in the listing (updated every 2-3 months) and give a more representative value for this indicator, which provides all additional information certainly more realistic than the non-profit tax returns.
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6.5  /10.0
“ Cette fondation nous a permis d'attacher un programme pour les jeunes élèves du primaire vivant dans des zones rurales défavorisées. 350 élèves de 11 villages ruraux ont pu pendant 3 ans faire des ateliers en science de type main à la pate, de fréquenter des lieux de science comme l'université et le... ”
6.1  /10.0
“ This is a great organization. It not only provides a safe haven for youths on the street, but provides guidance as well. It offers a warm and friendly place that youths can turn to in time of need, without the fear of intimidation or of being used. Run by dedicated volunteers who ensure a safe haven... ”
7.6  /10.0
“ Moi aussi j'ai assisté dimanche dernier à l'assemblée de lÉglise de Dieu Haitienne de Montréal dirigée par Le pasteur Joulbert Fleurant. J'ai été saisi de la grande chaleur qui a envahi mon coeur. Ce n'est pas la chaleur qui faisait dans l'église, mais plutôt une présence qui m'a envahi et m'a appor... ”
7.4  /10.0
“ This local charity has assisted our family, as well as many others in this town, to help out with the huge costs of travel and accomodations when taking our child to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto on numerous occasions. ”
6.9  /10.0
“ without them, I do not know where these special animals could go and receive such amazing care. ”
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