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The Foundation raises no public funds. Its grants are awarded from the return on its capital and from contributions by family members.

The Foundation has no professional staff and operates through the volunteer efforts of family members. Expenses over the years, mainly for accounting and legal services, have averaged between 2% and 3% of awards made.

Our website has recently changed, although the URL has not:  Our own website is the best place to find current information.

Brief requests will be considered from the London and Waterloo, Ontario regions.  Outside those areas grants are largely self-identified by the Foundation members.  

The Foundations pays out about $300,000 annually and is, by definition a "small" foundation with limited resources.

Consideration of possible grants starts around the beginning of the calendar year and concludes when all funds are assigned, usually some time in April or early May.  The recent focus of the Foundation is on arts, heritage, and culture.

Brandon - Calgary - Charlottetown - Edmonton - Frederictown - Halifax - Iqaluit - Mississauga - Montréal - OTTAWA - Québec - Regina - Saskatoon - St John - Toronto - Vancouver - Victoria - Yellowknife - Winnipeg - Whitehorse

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