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You Want to Donate to a Canadian Charity or Foundation, Support and Rating Tools

You Want to Donate to a Canadian Charity or Foundation,
Support and Rating Tools

Public Information, statistics and comparative evaluations about registered Charities and Foundations in Canada.

Public opinion - rating - is calculated based on your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion. Choose the charity in the listing (updated every 2-3 months) and give a more representative value for this indicator, which provides all additional information certainly more realistic than the non-profit tax returns.
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2.7  /10.0
“ We are a charity dedicated to strengthening the foundations of communities. We do this by nurturing the potential of children, teens and young adults; promoting healthy living; and fostering social responsibility. Our focus on inclusiveness and accessibility means we serve people of all ages, backgr... ”
4.6  /10.0
“ Awareness Programs And Workshops Related To Brain Injury ”
5.0  /10.0
“ We sponsor a child with down syndrome through world vision We educae parents and the general public about the abilities of children and adults with down syndrome We purchase books, videos and pamphlets about people with down syndrome We sponsor a speech program ”
5.4  /10.0
“ Saison 2013-2013-présentation de concerts symphoniques Automne 2012-répétitions hebdomadaires de sept.à déc. et concert présenté en décembre 2012; Hiver-printemps 2013 répétitions hebdomadaires de janvier à mai 2013 et concert présenté en mai 2013; Répétitions intensives avec moniteurs spécialisés t... ”
4.5  /10.0
“ A not for profit religious missionary organization engaged in propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as contained in Scriptures using means such as showing films, distribution of literature, television, radio, feeding ministries, ect. Establishing hospitals and clinics and other outreaches ... ”

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